Volvo Pickup Truck - Is This a Hoax

Volvo Pickup Truck: Is This a Hoax?

Recently, there’s been a high demand for pickup trucks. This segment gains more and more popularity. Well, it might be the next big thing in the automotive industry, after the rise of the SUVs. The pickup trucks have a strong fanbase in North America. However, in Europe, it is a slightly different situation. Well, things might change with the eventual release of the Volvo Pickup Truck.

Taking into account the current state, it seems that the major European brands don’t consider the pickup class to be prosperous for them. But, we see that the Mercedes is developing the pickup model, in their X-Class roster. Still, the German automaker won’t build a completely new truck. Instead, they’ll borrow the platform from Nissan Navara.

A similar situation is with the Renault Alaskan. Both carmakers are interested in joining the SUV Coupe segment. Even though another European automotive giant – Volvo, is very successful in the SUV class, they still keep far from the pickup class. Well, is now the right time for the Swedish company to enter the production of its very own pickup truck?

Well, there was a pickup version of the famous Volvo 445, back in ’49. However, that model didn’t made by Volvo. Instead. the pickup was built by the Swedish coachbuilder Klippan. Anyhow, the vehicle was classified as a pickup truck. Since then, the company didn’t produce a single truck. So, is now the right time for the Volvo pickup truck?


DIY Pickups Are the Thing in Sweden

There’s an interesting trend in Sweden. The local roads are full of DIY pickups, and this vehicle gains more and more popularity in the rural parts of the country. The DIY trucks are named A-Traktor, and they can come in very odd shapes and forms. For example, coachbuilder Dalbo Fordonsteknik made an XC90 pickup with six wheels, and an El Camino-like XC70.

Of course, these models were not built to go into the sale, but rather to draw the attention of the tourists in front of the Volvo Museum. Still, the XC70 looks very interesting. Therefore, the potential production of the Volvo pickup truck won’t be a total disaster, since we believe that it could draw a lot of attention in the homeland.


Is the Production of Volvo Pickup Truck Possible?

Well, the idea of the Volvo pickup truck is very interesting. This segment gains more followers each day. Also, we can see that the electric pickups draw the attention of the automotive audience. So, could the Volvo build an electric pickup instead? Taking into account that the company’s sales in the Stated have increased over the last years, the next logical move will be to build an all-American favorite type of vehicle.

There’s only a matter of time when the first all-electric pickup truck will leave the production lines. Therefore, Volvo could grab that chance as well. Of course, the dominant model on the pickup market is Blue Oval’s F-Series. Still, we believe that other brands can record good sales. All in all, it won’t be a big surprise if the Swedish automaker decides to produce its very own pickup truck. Still, there are no indications that will happen any time soon. At the moment, the company’s main focus is on the 2020 XC40 Recharge SUV.

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