Ram Macho Power Wagon Exterior Design

Ram Macho Power Wagon – Is It Coming Anytime Soon? Or Is It Just a Rumor?

According to the latest rumors from our sources, the FCA will probably launch a brand-new version of the Ram Macho Power Wagon. Well, some of our senior readers probably remember the popular Macho package of the W150 Power Wagon truck. The younger generation of our readers probably heard about the Macho Power Wagon concept.

But, the concept that was revealed a couple of years ago never come to the production line. Now, this could change. There are numerous rumors regarding this model. But, let’s see what is what, and what could happen. The production variant will probably be based on the current generation of the Ram 2500 Power Wagon, and it might be ready by 2022.


Ram Macho Power Wagon Specs

If the FCA decided to enter the production f the Ram Power Macho Wagon, we should expect plenty of distinctive and unique design elements. However, the truck’s core will probably remain the same. The new Macho variant could share most of its features with the regular Power Wagon. The standard version offers load of upgrades and innovation, in comparison to the 2300 series.

Although most of these upgrades are mechanics nad off-road improvements, there are a couple of very interesting visual innovations as well. Therefore, if the Macho comes anytime soon it will probably have features like off-road shock absorbers and low hooks. Furthermore, count of the new skid plates, electronically locking front/rear differentials, a manual transfer case, and rear differential with a 4.10 axle ratio. Likewise, the new Macho Power Wagon could offer even higher suspension. Also, we could see more traditional winch and tow hooks.

Exterior and Interior Design

As for the exterior design, the Ram Macho Power Wagon will probably deliver the well-known Orange finish from the original Macho package. Besides the throwback color option, the new model should look for reference from the concept model. Therefore, we assume that the Ram’s truck will combine the original paint with the black stripes and various blacked-out details.

Also, the exterior will probably include black plastic surfaces all around the truck. As for the cabin, the first thing that comes to mind is a lot of orange accents. Moreover, the brand-new dashboard and instrument cluster would be a nice touch.


Ram Macho Power Wagon Engine Specs

Under the hood of the Ram Macho Power Wagon will probably be the familiar 6.4-liter Hemi V8 unit. Well, the regular version of the Power Wagon uses the same engine, so we figure that the Macho will do the same. Still, we would like to see a powerful engine inside the Macho truck.

Furthermore, some rumors claim that the Ram will include a 6.2-liter Hellcat unit. But, that doesn’t sound like the complete truth, does it? Anyhow, if the truck debuts any time soon, we expect plenty of power and impressive off-road performances.

Ram Macho Power Wagon Release Date and Price

To summarize, the Ram Macho Power Wagon is just a rumor at the moment. So, take this review light, more as fans hopes and what than the facts. Well, even if the automaker decides to go with the production, the release date is still far away. As for the price, the regular Power Wagon starts around $55,000. We assume that the Macho Power Wagon will be slightly expensive.

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