Land Rover Defender Pickup Truck - CANCELLED

Land Rover Defender Pickup Truck: CANCELLED!

Well, here’s some bad news for the fans of the announced Land Rover Defender Pickup – the British automaker is canceling the production of the new four-door Defender. Instead, the company is working on a Defender 130 as a start point of the new lineup. According to the sources from the Jaguar Land Rover, the four-door version is canceled from the future product plans, mainly because of the practicality that 130 model offers.

Moreover, previously leaked documents reveal that the British carmaker plans to introduce a new version of the 90, 110, and larger 130 models. The later will measure 200.7-inches (5.1 meters) long, while the 110 version will be 187.3-inches (4.5 meters). But, these two will share the same 118.9-inches (3.02 meters) long wheelbase. The extended size will help to accommodate up to eight passengers, instead of seven that is the maximum with the 110 models.

Although at the moment there is no much info regarding the new Land Rover’s model, we assume that the 130-based, double-cab pickup will come in a 5-seat configuration, while the area behind the passengers will for the cargo bed.


Why the Defender Pickup Truck Is Cancelled?

Surely, the Land Rover will probably produce several Defender versions, even though the announced pickup is discharged from the future production. It seems like the company’s executives couldn’t make the development costs expenses of the truck applicable. So, the Land Rover considers that the traditional 110 version or the forthcoming 130 could offer enough loadspace adaptability, without the removing of the roof.

What We Can Expect From Defender Pickup Replacement?

As we mentioned above, if the British carmaker decided to develop a 130-like four-door truck instead of the Land Rover Defender Pickup Truck, it will share the wheelbase with the 110 models. Therefore, the company doesn’t have to build another expensive platform for the upcoming truck. Alternatively, it will boost the vehicle’s rear overhang, to provide more space for the passengers. The total length will be 200.7-inches (5.1 meters), which is slightly shorter than the BMW X7 model.

However, the Jaguar Land Rover didn’t confirm the production of the 130 version yet. But, in recent reports, the carmaker refers to this vehicle as to the “premium explorer, that will be perfect for the large, active families who like to travel.” Furthermore, the Defender Pickup Truck substitute will probably increase the starting price.

The Land Rover wants to establish the premium 4×4 and high-end off-road segment, together with vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Also, the company desire greater popularity in China and in the United States as well. Of course, these markets are perfect for large SUVs, and these vehicles are far more popular than in Europe.


What Models We Shall See From the Land Rover?

Although the pickup is not part of the production plans anymore, the British company still has an ambitious strategy for the Defender. Therefore, we will see the four-door 110 sometimes this year, then the two-door 90 will hit the dealerships. Also, according to the rumors, the automaker is developing a plug-in hybrid powertrain as well.

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