Infiniti Pickup Concept

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept – Rumors and Possible Release Date

The upcoming season might be one of the most interesting in the luxurious truck class. Almost every major automaker is planning to launch a brand-new model and try to establish themself as the leader of the caravan. Of course, Nissan will have something to say regarding the topic with the forthcoming Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept.

The pickup class is gaining more and more popularity and a growing fan base each year. We’re all aware of the benefits wich these types of vehicles had to offer, so it is not a surprising trend to see more companies.

Infiniti Pickup Concept

But, there’s still a question – could the luxury truck be as successful as the regular models? The same problem can be applied almost in every segment of the industry. The answer is always pretty much the same – these vehicles are not for everyone and ordinary day-to-day operations.

Usually, the luxury pickup comes with the latest features, so they are not classical working trucks, more like a show-off vehicle. After the release of the Infiniti pickup truck, the Japanese company will probably try to upgrade the Titan of Frontier into the high-luxury versions.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept Rumors

Recently, we had an opportunity to take a look at some reports regarding the potential releasing of the Infiniti Pickup Concept. However, Nissan is still very quiet and reveals almost nothing about the BX Concept. Therefore, we’ll try our best to gather some info a present what we know so far about the arriving pickup truck. What we can see from the leaked concept photos, the pickup is still now from the production.

But, we like the rough design idea and the unusual flow of the lines. Again, we are not sure how the fans will react to this, slightly futuristic appearance. Who knows, maybe the upcoming Infiniti Pickup become a pioneer of the new style among the luxurious truck. Nissan is one of the leaders on the market. With that in mind, be sure that the company will provide the necessary logistics and campaign to ensure the conditions for the production.


We assume that the Infiniti pickup truck will share the same platform with the Nissan Frontier. But, with the luxurious badge comes specific obligations. The customers will expect some innovations, latest technologies, and high performance as well.

Engine Options

The forthcoming Infiniti pickup truck will be based on a BX Concept. Thus, the new model will probably use a V6 engine. With that unit under the hood, it will be more potent than Frontier, which uses a 4-cylinder powertrain. Then again, the current Nissan Titan works with a large diesel unit. Maybe the company will decide to share that engine across vehicles. Besides, a petrol V8 is another possible option.

We must wait for some official info from the automaker to know what engine will be under the bonnet of the Infiniti pickup truck. Still, don’t be surprised if the company includes a plug-in hybrid version as well. This option will draw attention to an even broader range of potential customers. Green is a trendy color in the automotive industry these days, you know? There are obvious pros and cons to the hybrid idea.

For example, the fuel economy will be improved, as well as the emission. On the other hand, the development of a hybrid or electric vehicle is costly. Thus, the price will go sky-high, and most of the potential customers won’t be able to afford it.


Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept Release Date

At the moment, Nissan still didn’t confirm the production plans for Infiniti Pickup Concept. But, the Japanese company must not wait for too long, because almost every major competitor is preparing to start the developing of its luxurious model.

For now, Nissan is more focused on the other segments and full-size models like Titan. So, after the company 2020 Titan in the first few months of the next year, we can expect the start of Infiniti pickup truck Concept development.

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