BMW Pickup Truck price

BMW Pickup Truck Could Happen Next Year

The BMW Pickup Truck remains a rumor. Unfortunately, nothing formal is happening right now. Following the introduction of the Mercedes X-Class, the concept of a premium truck appears to be a poor choice. Of course, there are several expensive pickup trucks available in the United States. Nevertheless, all of the vehicles are manufactured by American automakers.

In any case, only Toyota offers a competitive truck on American roads, with Nissan attempting to make a bigger mark. While it really was a long time, BMW had previously engaged in this market. Will they be able to bring pickup truck manufacturing back to life? There are various possibilities, but nothing has been confirmed.

What About Performance?

There are two conceivable powertrain configurations. Naturally, V6 and V8 engines are the most likely alternatives. For starters, the X7 SUV has a twin-turbo engine. As a result, the BMW Pickup Truck may be equipped with the same 3.0-liter engine that produces 335 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. A bigger 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo model with 455 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque is also in the mix.

This engine is more likely to be used in a high-performance AMG variant. Surprisingly or not, the X7 M50i variant can produce over 500 horsepower and around 550 lb-ft of twisting power. BMW, according to different sources, will not produce a hybrid or all-electric vehicle. Furthermore, an off-road version is improbable.

BMW Pickup Truck specs

BMW Pickup Truck Interior

The interior design of the next BMW Pickup Truck will be largely influenced by one of the BMW SUVs in the range. Most likely, the X7 model appears to be the most reasonable option. Regardless of the model, we are discussing, the pickup truck variant will provide nothing but luxury. According to reports, this version will only be available in a crew cab configuration, which makes sense. As a result, envisioning a deluxe mid-size BMW truck with plenty of room and excellent materials is simple.

On the other hand, certain features will have to deviate from what SUVs are known for. The dashboard and steering wheel will be changed. We believe BMW will take a more traditional approach, so don’t anticipate anything futuristic. Finally, at least one of its trims will give more elegance, while the performance-oriented version is also likely to happen.

BMW Pickup Truck interior


The BMW Pickup Truck will very certainly compete in the premium truck market. As a result, if BMW decides to manufacture one, it will be a high-end vehicle with a lot to offer. Some reports are circulating regarding a truck built on the BMW X7 SUV, which is a logical consequence. After all, there are other possibilities, and they are all conceivable. Whatever happens, this vehicle will undoubtedly have a double-kidney grille and will look really elegant.

In terms of chassis, there are a few alternatives. Many auto analysts predict that BMW will undoubtedly enter the mid-size pickup category in the next years. It is the most popular class, however, the small pickup class has recently grown in popularity. Unfortunately, we don’t know if the BMW plans to build a unibody or body-on-frame model.

BMW Pickup Truck release date

BMW Pickup Truck Will Not Come Cheap

The price of the brand-new BMW Pickup Truck will start at $55,000 at least. Of course, this is a bold prediction based on the info we have. The price could be even higher. Therefore, we just need to wait for the official words. The sales will reportedly begin in the first half of 2023.

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