2024 Ram 3500 specs

2024 Ram 3500 Delivers More Improvements

We feel that big trucks don’t get enough love, the 2024 Ram 3500 is here to change that. Fans of the big Ram rejoice since we are getting another redesign. This is one of the top sellers to date, not just among heavy trucks. In 2020 it was pronounced the truck of the year.

Although it has been a few years since then, we don’t believe Ram is going to take its foot off the paddle. Expect a good restyle with some quality-of-life improvements. Mostly interior and exterior, there shouldn’t be anything drastic happening on the outside of the big 3500. Let’s see what it could look like.

Ram 3500 Interior Changes

On the outside, we have a lot of improvements. First of all, the 2024 Ram 3500 will get new seats. More cushioning and more lumbar support. This is just what your back needs if you work the whole day in the truck. Comfort is important since this is your office. But it shouldn’t just feel good, it should look good as well. So, Ram decided to introduce contrast stitching with top-notch new upholstery. Heated and ventilated seats are a must, but massaging features are probably not going to happen.

We get a central infotainment system of 13 inches, just enough for the back row of passengers to join in. The dashboard will be digital as well, without the heads-up display though. The steering wheel has all sorts of buttons and knobs. This way the driver is focused on the front and the safety aspect is addressed. There is no hands-free driving made by Ram so they might borrow someone else’s. This is a good idea since this feature is very popular and a big selling point.

2024 Ram 3500 interior

Exterior Facelift

On the outside, we see one aggressive-looking pickup. The 2024 Ram 3500 has a sturdy body and a nice design. There is a Limited Trim with a grille that is even bigger than before. This is a lot of lightweight aluminum that hides a lot of air intake. Big engines need a lot of air to keep cool. Longhorn trim gives two-tone color options. Although the colors will be announced later.

Wheels are 18-inch lightweight as well to shave off some weight. No off-roading tires for this one. Perhaps on a special trim. Headlights are in 2 levels and are linear more than square. Bumpers are seamless and they fit quite well with the overall design.

2024 Ram 3500 release date

Towing Capacity, Transmission

Under the hood no surprises, the 2024 Ram 3500 is going to continue as is. We will get the Dually version which basically means 4 wheels in the back. This improves stability and handling when towing a lot of cargo. The first engine on offer is a 6.4-liter Hemi V8. This can tow as much as 18000 pounds and has 400 horsepower. More than enough, even if you are all about working with your pickup. This has 8-speed automatic transmission. It is specially made by ZF which reduces fuel consumption, a big selling point. There is a 6.7-liter engine by Cummins, it is a turbo diesel with 1000 pound-feet of torque.

It can tow around 35000 pounds and haul over 6000. It also has 400 horsepower but only a 6-speed Aisin automatic transmission. There is no need to change these engines since they do the job well. Better than any other heavy-duty truck on the market. Ram isn’t even going to consider hybrid or electric versions here since they don’t make sense. Technology simply isn’t there yet. Perhaps when they make a battery pack strong enough to replace a mighty V8.

2024 Ram 3500 price

Average MPG Ratings

The 2024 Ram 3500 is among the thirstiest on the market. It can get 11 mpg on average in combined driving. After all, this is a working truck and is expected to sip a lot from the gas tank.

2024 Ram 3500 Price and Release Date

The starting price for this big pickup is $36,000. This will be changed due to some trims having more amenities. Expect to see the 2024 Ram 3500 on the road later in 2023. Probably summer if reports are true. The diesel version however might cost a bit more, it is in the vicinity of $40,000.

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