2024 Ford Ranger Lightning price

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Going on Sale at the Same Time As the Maverick Pickup

Blue Oval plans to expand the lineup of electric trucks in the following year. The brand-new 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning, which is an ideal contender to dominate the mid-size pickup category, is reportedly on the way. Not only that, but Ford should also introduce the Maverick Lightning pickup in the near future. According to rumors, the upcoming truck will run on a new platform, which should result in excellent performance and better ride quality.

The next Ranger Lightning is anticipated to utilize a pair of motors, two different batteries, and a standard four-wheel-drive system. Additionally, a single-motor version with less power that only drives the back wheels is anticipated as well. This is what we know about the Ranger Lightning truck at the moment.

Ford Ranger Lightning Specs

The upcoming 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning will likely have the same configuration as the F-150 Lightning. This indicates that the upper model will have two electric motors, while the entry-level version will just have a single motor configuration. Along with four-wheel drive as standard, there should be regular and long-range battery packs.

It’s important to note that the single-motor version with less power will only drive the back wheels. According to certain rumors, the Ranger Lightning will be able to generate more than 400 horses with two powertrains and about 300 hp with a single motor. Still, things are far from official, so everything you read is speculation at the moment.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning specs

Premium Interior Design

The mid-size 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning represents a significant improvement for the lineup. According to reports, this model will provide more comfort and higher-quality materials. The upper trim levels will feature new SYNC4 software as well as a sizable 12-inch touchscreen.

Both the diversity of technological alternatives and the instrument cluster that is entirely digital is essential. While leather or synthetic leather should be an option on higher models, the seats of the Ranger Lightning are expected to be completed in textiles. We don’t know if Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free system will be on offer as standard. Anyway, expect a very modern interior with lots of passenger space.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning interior

Modern Styling and New Colors

The styling of the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning will be inspired by the looks of the F-150 Lightning truck. The future truck looks fantastic on the renderings we have. The design has been updated, and the new model features futuristic light bars, distinctive wheels, and badging. Additionally, a closed-off grille is a must and appears to have been carried over from the F-150 Lightning.

Spy shots are not available yet, and renderings are not so reliable source of information. In any case, this mid-size all-electric truck will surely look unique and extremely modern. Blue Oval will provide new exterior colors, while some of the existing and popular paints will remain.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning release date

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Price and Release Date

In terms of price, the forthcoming 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning will surely cost over $40,000. However, the exact price won’t become available anytime soon. The sales will begin at some point next year, most likely in the second half of 2023.

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