2023 VW Atlas Tanoak release date

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Coming Next Year?

The 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak could finally start with the production. It is a well-known concept, but for some reason, Volkswagen still didn’t make a production model. The Atlas Tanoak is a pickup truck that will reportedly go on sale in the United States. Some reports are saying the pandemic was the main reason why this truck is not already here. Now, the most reliable sources are saying the Atlas Tanoak model will go on sale next year, as an all-electric model.

Right now, the carmaker provides the Ranger-based Amarok truck, and Tarok is on the way as well, per the source. No doubt, the concept looks very promising, and now is the time to transform the concept into a production vehicle. The Atlas Tanoak will allegedly arrive in Australia, while the sales in the US will happen later next year.

VW Atlas Tanoak Exterior Design

For a start, we don’t know if the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak will arrive as a compact or a mid-size pickup truck. The mid-size segment is on fire at the moment, but compact pickups are becoming a thing, slowly but surely. Right now, Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick are leading the segment. This could be a nice opportunity for Volkswagen because the competition is not that strong.

Still, many rumors are predicting the Tanoak model as a mid-size truck. Anyway, the styling of this concept is simply incredible. This model wears a lot of modern and distinctive exterior elements. Reportedly, it will be a unibody pickup truck, which means Honda Ridgeline could be the fiercest enemy.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak price

Interior Features

Due to technological advancements, it is impossible to predict the interior of the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak. However, the newest Volkswagen Tiguan model could be a fine example of what to expect. The pickup truck will not provide so much luxury, but borrowing a couple of things is the most reasonable outcome. The Tanoak version will offer numerous trim levels, so at least one trim will provide real luxury.

As for the base model, we expect to see regular features, so the truck can stay affordable. Who knows, maybe the mid-size Atlas SUV could serve as an inspiration. Anyway, we don’t think the manufacturer will build something completely new and more futuristic.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak interior

Powertrain Rumors

Right now, building a truck for the United States is a tough challenge. In case you didn’t know, the Tiguan model is imported, and only the Volkswagen Atlas is built on American soil. This leads us to the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak, a pickup that will reportedly arrive in the United States. As we said, the mid-size segment is very competitive, so German brand could easily opt for an all-electric variant.

It is definitely another sort of challenge, but electrification is on the way, so this will happen sooner or later. At the moment, Volkswagen is developing a complete lineup of ID vehicles. Surely, there is more than enough capacity to build an all-electric truck. Interestingly, Volkswagen’s CEO recently said that the fully electric pickup is a good idea. Unfortunately, this is far from official confirmation.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak concept

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Price, Release Date

The brand-new 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak will reportedly go on sale early next year, in Australia. Shortly after that, first deliveries should happen in the United States as well. Volkswagen will make the entry-level affordable, so we expect a price of around $30,000. On the other hand, the range-topping trim levels will surely cost above $50,000.

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