2023 Toyota Tacoma EV specs

2023 Toyota Tacoma EV Will be the Best One Yet

The brand-new 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV is said to start with production in the coming weeks. It was a few weeks ago that Toyota showed off some concept photos of its new electric cars. When it comes to trucks, Tacoma is one of the most popular ones out there. At least 30 electric cars will be made around the world by 2030, the brand has said in the recent past.

Tacoma EV could cause a huge splash in the industry. As you know, Tacoma is already the most popular mid-size truck in the United States. Moreover, Toyota is known for its electric cars and the modern technology it uses. The all-electric Tacoma will look like the regular Tacoma, but it will have a unique front fascia and some other different exterior details. More importantly, it will provide better performances than the gasoline-powered version.

Toyota Tacoma EV Comes with AWD System

According to what we currently know, the 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV will feature a front and rear electric motor. Since it will be standard with a four-wheel-drive configuration, we expect great performances. As with the new Toyota bZ4X SUV, the truck will get a larger battery pack as well.

The two-motor setup will likely have at least 400 horsepower. There will also be a two-wheel-drive variant that is less expensive. This is still not official, so we don’t know how powerful this truck will be. Anyway, the Tacoma EV has great potential and it will surely dominate the all-electric truck segment in the years to come.

2023 Toyota Tacoma EV range

More Upright Interior Design

The upcoming 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV will reportedly offer a more upright cabin. It will also have a much bigger interior than the regular Tacoma. We guess that there will be more room in the back. The seating configuration should stay the same, though. This means the electric Tacoma should provide a room for either four or five passengers.

This new Tacoma EV will be able to compete with the new GMC Sierra EV, which is coming out soon. Toyota will provide more upright materials so the comfort will be even better. In terms of technology, the electric model is likely to have a bigger screen than the 8-inch one that is currently available. We also expect a lot of safety aids, a higher autonomy level, and generally, more standard and optional features.

2023 Toyota Tacoma EV interior

Exterior Design

The 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV should arrive with a more premium and modern look. As we said, Toyota recently showed off some concept photos and first impressions are very positive. It looks like it only comes with four doors and a crew cab.

The design language is identical, and the new truck features an attractive blocked-off grille. Manufacturers usually have this type of grille on the front end of any electric vehicle. A short bed and chunkier off-road tires also make this model look like a TRD Pro version. Still, we don’t have all the official information we need.

2023 Toyota Tacoma EV release date

When the 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV Comes Out?

As for the launch date, the forthcoming 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV will reportedly arrive in a one-year time. Still, we are waiting to hear and see official details for the first time. According to some rumors, the price will start at $50,000, although the price could be higher.

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