2023 Toyota Hilux price

2023 Toyota Hilux Obtains New Diesel V6 Engine

The 2023 Toyota Hilux may get substantial upgrades. This popular vehicle will get mid-cycle updates in 2022. As a result, modifications should rise in 2023MY. Initially, a more powerful engine is expected. Those sources claim the new Hilux will have over 500 lb-ft of torque. As for the hybrid powertrain, it will debut in 2022 and be available in 2023.

The Hilux is a global model with great popularity, but especially in Australia. There will be modifications beneath the hood, and the Hilux will likely get a makeover. This includes the cabin’s upgrades as well. Because of this, prices will go up and sales will start next summer.

2023 GR Hilux

As previously announced, the new 2023 Toyota Hilux will have the greater horsepower. Toyota’s new V6 turbodiesel engine should deliver 308 hp and up to 510 lb-ft of torque. This will easily compete with Ford’s new Ranger Raptor. This engine will presumably power the Hilux GR model rather than the regular version. The VW Amarok presently has the best toque in Australia.

The Hilux comes standard with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine rated at 175 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of twists. This engine can also be used in a hybrid system with an electric motor. It’s a moderate hybrid with better gas mileage. The Hilux Hybrid will have around 200 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Sport

Updated Exterior

There will be additional external modifications to the new 2023 Toyota Hilux. While we don’t expect major changes, certain improvements are fascinating. Toyota is focusing on lighter chassis and materials. So, the new Hilux will be much lighter than prior models. As a consequence, fuel economy will improve.

The front fascia now features LED headlights, and the rear section will follow suit. New optional wheels are also in the works. The truck’s form and dimensions will remain intact. The grille has been redesigned, and the bumpers have been expanded. New exterior paints and maybe new appearance packages are also conceivable.

2023 Toyota Hilux Hybrid

2023 Hilux Interior Redesign

The 2023 Toyota Hilux’s interior is also likely to alter significantly. To begin, we expect to observe the same interior style and organization. Toyota, on the other hand, wants to update the interior in many ways. New upholstery will be offered, and the Japanese carmaker plans to add more chrome.

Prior versions lacked smartphone connectivity like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These functions are now standard. A new digital instrument cluster and entertainment system will also be on offer. We are waiting for Toyota to reveal more details regarding the truck’s interior.

2023 Toyota Hilux interior

2023 Toyota Hilux Price and Release Date

Once it arrives, you’ll have to pay approximately $30,000 for the new 2023 Toyota Hilux. A hybrid version will cost around $35k, and the GR version will be considerably more. Toyota will launch the Hilux pickup next summer.

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