2023 Ram 1500 Diesel mpg

2023 Ram 1500 Diesel: Everything You Need to Know

In terms of changes, this year will not be very spectacular. However, we are confident that the 2023 Ram 1500 Diesel will remain one of the top trucks in the market. As before, the Ram 1500 will compete with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ford F-150. Both Ford and Chevrolet intend to launch all-electric versions of their best-selling models.

Ram is no different, so we anticipate Ram 1500 EV at some point next year. Until that happens, Ram 1500 Diesel will remain the most popular choice. Visually, the new Ram 1500 will remain the same, with an appealing appearance and excellent cabin quality. This well-known pickup truck is still available with gasoline and hybrid powertrains.

Mild Exterior Upgrades

The upcoming 2023 Ram 1500 does not stick out from the rest of the lineup in terms of design. The vehicle has the same styling regardless of, trim level, or cab configuration. The same may be said for interior design. Some changes will happen, but we expect a minor facelift.

Ram will stick to a current platform, so Ram 1500 will remain dimensionally the same truck. The grille will receive a mild update, and we expect slightly larger bumpers. Furthermore, we expect to see more aluminum, so the truck’s weight could be additionally decreased. Lastly, new exterior colors are always a possibility.

2023 Ram 1500 Diesel specs

Interior Features and Improvements

This model boasts one of the most comfortable cabins on the market. The overall quality is superb, and the materials are high-grade and sturdy. If you want more luxury in the 2023 Ram 1500 Diesel, upper trim levels will get you there. The new Ram 1500, like the current model, will receive mid-cycle updates.

The cabin will include even more standard conveniences as well as the most recent technological advancements. Still, we think Ram will continue to offer the same trim levels and cab configurations. Therefore, the new model will be improved, but not dramatically.

2023 Ram 1500 Diesel interior

Ram 1500 Diesel Engine Specs

While this pickup truck provides a variety of different engines, the diesel powertrain is still the most popular one. The 2023 Ram 1500 Diesel comes with a 3.0-liter V6 engine. This EcoDiesel unit is capable of producing 260 horsepower and up to 480 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is available once again. This may come as a surprise because Ford and Chevrolet are using a 10-speed gearbox.

The current model has a towing capacity of 12,560 pounds. We don’t know if the new model will get slightly better results, most likely not. The payload capacity is rated at 2,056 pounds, which is more than solid. Lastly, Ram EcoDiesel gets 33 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city. That makes around 27 miles per gallon combined.

2023 Ram 1500 Diesel engine

2023 Ram 1500 Diesel Release Date, Price

The forthcoming 2023 Ram 1500 Diesel will cost more than the model equipped with a standard gasoline powertrain. The base price starts at $30,000, so the EcoDiesel engine will cost you a few more thousand. The sales will begin later this year, and the truck will retain its current price.

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