2023 Lexus Pickup Truck price

2023 Lexus Pickup Truck Rumors

After Toyota revealed the new Tundra truck and its premium Capstone trim level, we heard many rumors regarding the 2023 Lexus Pickup Truck. This isn’t the first time we read similar speculations. However, this model is now more probable than ever before. Interestingly, Tundra will share the platform with the LX 600 SUV.

Naturally, the new Lexus Pickup Truck will be based on the LX 600 model and it will also borrow a lot of stuff from the Toyota Tundra truck. Reportedly, this will be a luxury pickup truck with good off-road capability, great practicality, and much more. You can already find some renderings photos of the rumored Lexus LX 600 Pickup Concept. Without further ado, here’s everything we know about this potential model.

Lexus Pickup Truck Engine Specs

The size of the 2023 Lexus Pickup Truck has a big impact on the engine. There is still a chance that the Japanese automaker will offer some sort of hybrid power. If the pickup is in the middle-size class, then a naturally-aspirated V6 is a great choice for the engine. Even a turbo-four could be on the market. This is also true because this is a luxury truck, which means that everything should be better.

A hybrid configuration could also be better. There is a good chance that the new Lexus pickup truck will be in the half-ton class. This means that it will have the same drivetrain as its closest cousin, the Tundra. I-Force Max hybrid engine has arrived. In this case, the Lexus truck should be set up with I-Force Max, which is the best way to use the system. There is at least 450 horsepower in the engine, which should be more than enough power for the Lexus truck.

2023 Lexus Pickup Truck LX 600

Interior Features

The Crew Cab version is the most likely setup. Our guess is that truckers won’t want to drive around in a two-door car. Inside, the 2023 Lexus Pickup Truck has a lot of high-tech features and upright materials. We expect a lot of premium stuff, but also basic features such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Leather seats, a bigger display, and additional safety aids will be standard in one of the upper trim levels.

We’ll find out if the F Sport model is going to be made. This calls for a more assertive approach, as well as better management. Well, the 2023 Lexus truck will need to be more useful, but the luxury isn’t in question. Hopefully, Lexus will deliver it all.

2023 Lexus Pickup Truck interior

Exterior Design

The forthcoming 2023 Lexus Pickup Truck will sit on the same architecture as the LX 600 SUV. Moreover, Toyota Tundra employs the same platform. In terms of exterior design, the new pickup truck should borrow a couple of things from the iconic Tundra truck. However, the design language will be classic Lexus.

A complete LX lineup of SUVs serves as a good starting point, therefore, we don’t expect some radical changes and novelties. The front fascia will sport a recognizable spindle grille, although we hope to see the F Sport variant. Lexus could also provide some sort of off-road version with a more aggressive design and higher ground clearance.

2023 Lexus Pickup Truck concept

2023 Lexus Pickup Truck Release Date, Price

The all-new 2023 Lexus Pickup Truck won’t come cheap. After all, we are talking about the luxury pickup truck. For an instance, the LX 600 starts at around $90,000 or slightly below that. This means the truck variant will cost closer to $100k. The sales will reportedly begin in the first quarter of 2023, although this is pure speculation at the moment.

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