2023 Ford Ranger EV release date

2023 Ford Ranger EV Specs and Release Date

The upcoming 2023 Ford Ranger EV is the latest speculation, and the sales will reportedly begin next year. Along with the new electric variant, the automotive brand may also release a PHEV version. In case you missed it, Blue Oval recently unveiled the Ford F-150 Lightning, the company’s first foray into the electrification market. Shortly later, the company revealed the new Ford Maverick hybrid model.

According to the facts provided, the Ranger EV will most likely share the same architecture and many features as the Ford F-150 Lightning. Some drawings are available, and we must confess that it appears to be incredibly compact and appealing at first glance. Still, we think it is too early for the fully electric Ranger pickup truck.

2023 Ford Ranger EV range

Ford Ranger EV Exterior Design

The upcoming 2023 Ford Ranger EV will be treated in the same way as the Ford F-150 Lightning. Furthermore, it will most likely ride on the same platform and look exactly like this truck, especially in the front.

The new Lightning has a highly strong foundation that can accommodate huge batteries and should give at least 300 miles of driving range on a single charge. So, on the visual front, we anticipate the Ford Ranger EV to have the same appealing front fascia.

2023 Ford Ranger EV price

Interior Features

At this moment, Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram are leading the segment in many ways, including performance and interior design. The current Ranger model already looks modern enough and upright. So don’t be surprised if the 2023 Ford Ranger EV receives minor updates. The Ranger’s interior design has evolved to be more modern and car-like.

This mid-size pickup has a very comfortable cabin and premium dashboard, as well as a 12-inch SYNC4 portrait touchscreen infotainment system. A fully digital instrument cluster and the latest safety aids are what we expect. However, cabin design and seating layout should remain intact.

Driving Range and Performance

 As this is still just a rumor, official information is not available. The 2023 Ford Ranger EV will reportedly sit on the same architecture as the new F-150 Lightning model. Therefore, the Ranger EV will deploy the same motor configuration. It is a dual-motor setup with a standard AWD system. Thanks to that, this mid-size all-electric pickup will produce around 560 horsepower and over 700 lb-ft of torque.

Moreover, if Ranger EV arrives with the same battery pack, it will provide 300 miles of driving range on a single charge. A ten-speed automatic transmission will be in use. Furthermore, Ranger will provide numerous drive mods. Without a doubt, the electric Ranger will arrive at some point, we think it is too early for this model. Still, it will be the most capable Ranger ever produced.

2023 Ford Ranger EV specs

2023 Ford Ranger EV Release Date and Price

The sales of the 2023 Ford Ranger EV will begin next year. Still, we don’t think the Ranger will get full electrification for the 2023MY. Instead, an all-electric variant will hit the roads in the next two or three years. As for the price, the Ranger EV will cost more than the current Raptor variant which starts at around $50,000.

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