2023 Ford Ranchero return

2023 Ford Ranchero Coming to South America Next Year

The all-new 2023 Ford Ranchero is coming back. It won’t come to the United States, unfortunately. Rather, Ranchero will be sold to people in South America, at least in the first year of production. Another small truck, after the Ford Maverick, is this one.

The small pickup truck market is very popular now, with the Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz at the top of the list. It’s also very interesting because Ranchero will arrive as a unibody pickup, which makes it very interesting. While we are waiting for more info, this is what we know at the moment.

Ford Ranchero Exterior Design

Nobody knows how the new 2023 Ford Ranchero will look once it goes on sale. At this point, everything is just a rumor. The Ranchero, on the other hand, has the same look as the Ford Focus, but some parts will look different. The pickup truck has more ground clearance and a bed. The Ranchero will have two different wheelbases and a crew cab option.

The Ranchero truck will be built on the same platform as the Ford Focus. A new model of the Ranchero pickup, on the other hand, will have a bigger platform. The new model will be bigger than the Courier pickup. The next month, more information will be out.

2023 Ford Ranchero renderings

Cabin Details

The interior of the 2023 Ford Ranchero is once again based on the Escape, a modern crossover with so much to offer. As for the Ranchero model, it will offer less premium stuff. We don’t expect that level of luxury. In any case, Blue Oval will deliver a functional cabin with a lot of space inside.

No doubt, Ford will offer luxury, but only in the upper trim levels. The base model is made of lower-quality materials, has fabric upholstery, and has a smaller screen. The Ranchero truck will come with a 7-inch touchscreen and a better SYNC3 infotainment system that comes with it. The SYNC4 infotainment is still not so likely to happen just yet.

2023 Ford Ranchero interior

Reliable EcoBoost Engine Options

The upcoming 2023 Ford Ranchero will have a smaller EcoBoost gasoline drivetrain option. You can choose from a 1.5-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine as the base engine choice. According to reliable sources, a bigger 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine will be an option. Some reports say that the 2.3-liter engine found in the Focus RS model could be used in the new pickup truck.

At this point, we can’t say for sure if this is the official engine lineup or not. The Ranchero model won’t be electric, and the high-performance version is still a mystery. As this is a model for South America, we are waiting to see which diesel engine will be on offer.

2023 Ford Ranchero engine

2023 Ford Ranchero Coming Next Fall

The standard 2023 Ford Ranchero will cost about $20,000, or a little less than that. Before, Ranchero was announced as the new model that would replace the Courier in South America. Ranchero will go on sale next fall. This small pick-up won’t be coming to the United States at all. This could change in the future, but it’s not likely to happen in the next couple of years.

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