2023 Ford E-150 release date

2023 Ford E-150 is the Name of the F-150 Electric Truck

The upcoming F-150 Electric Truck will arrive under a different name. According to very reliable reports, the new 2023 Ford E-150 is the name and this truck will arrive at some point next year. It is confusing, but the new name does make sense. We’ll get to that in a minute.

According to Blue Oval, this is the most powerful F-150 model yet, even more, powerful than any Raptor variant you know. At this moment, we know a lot of things about this brand-new truck. Still, some parts and their specs are still a mystery. Without further ado, this is the latest information you have to know.

Ford E-150 Name is Confusing but it Makes Sense

According to numerous reports, the 2023 Ford E-150 is already listed on the federal agency’s website. Ford confirmed that the all-electric truck is in the works. However, we called the new truck “F-150 EV” or the “F-150 Electric.” This nomenclature is confusing, but on the other hand, it does make sense. As you know, Ford’s E-Series Cutaway is a series of vans.

However, the E-Series vans were discounted about seven years ago. Still, the brand-new E-150 will be confusing, because of the E-350 and E-450 Cutaway models. However, the Ford E-150 is a reasonable name for the electric truck based on the F-150 model. It is simple and Ford also offers E-Transit and Mustang Mach-E versions as well.


As we already said, the 2023 Ford E-150 will be the most powerful truck in the Blue Oval’s lineup. On top of that, it will generate more power than the F-150 Raptor variant as well. Still, this is an all-electric pickup truck, and the goal is to rival Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV. So far, Ford refused to provide exact specs. What we know is that the AWD system will be offered as standard.

According to reliable sources, E-150 will use the dual-motor setup and it will deliver almost the same performances as the Rivian R1T. Unlike the R1T truck, E-150 will arrive with an independent rear suspension. A driving range of 300 miles sounds good, but anything less than that would be disappointing.

2023 Ford E-150 towing


First spy photos of the 2023 Ford E-150 are available. A spied prototype was caught testing in Michigan, last month. The electric variant won’t depart from the regular F-150 model. The biggest difference is in the ride height and the plug-in port. Logically, the electric variant offers more ground clearance because of the batteries.

Still, this is an early prototype and we don’t know how the final product will look like. Furthermore, we saw a video of the new E-150 truck towing and pulling stuff. The interior will be almost the same as the cabin of the base F-150. We believe the electric version will be based on the upper trim levels.

2023 Ford E-150 prototype

2023 Ford E-150 Release Date, Price

The price of the 2023 Ford E-150 is still a mystery. This model won’t be so affordable as the Tesla Cybertruck that will cost $40,000. The E-150 model will cost a lot more, closer to the price of the GMC Hummer EV or Rivian R1T trucks. The E-150 is the brand-new name. Interestingly, the “Everglades” was one of the possible outcomes. The sales will begin in mid-2022, according to the newest reports.

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