2022 Ford Ranchero release date

2022 Ford Ranchero Will Arrive in the U.S.

Reportedly, Ford is working on a replacement for its Courier model that is sold in Brazil. The answer is the 2022 Ford Ranchero. Moreover, Ranchero could also arrive in the United States. Courier is too small to make a serious impact in the U.S., so this model was sold in South America. It is based on the Fiesta car, but Ranchero will be based on the larger Focus architecture.

That means Ranchero will be a larger pickup truck and it will offer a crew cab setup, instead of a single cab. Ranchero is an old model that has been produced from the late 50s to late 70s. It was a unibody pickup that directly rivaled Chevrolet El Camino. Reviving an old nameplate comes as no surprise and Ranchero will become available before 2022.

2022 Ford Ranchero release date

2022 Ranchero Offers Crew Cab Configuration

To this day, we’ve seen renderings of the 2022 Ford Ranchero. However, don’t believe in them as no one actually knows how the new model could look like. This is just a prediction or call it whatever you like. Moreover, these images are showing the new Ranchero with the same design as the Focus car. Of course, the pickup truck offers more ground clearance and a bed in the back.

While the design won’t be similar to the Focus model, architecture is very similar. The Focus-based pickup makes sense but we expect a design that is closer to models such as Ford Ranger. Blue Oval will most likely offer two different wheelbase sizes and a crew cab body style is a must.

2022 Ford Ranchero exterior

Interior Based on Escape Model

As for the interior design, the 2022 Ford Ranchero will probably get the same treatment as the Escape/Kuga crossover. Of course, Ranchero is a pickup truck and it will arrive with a less premium and more practical cabin. However, it is hard to predict cabin design or its layout. On the other hand, we can predict some interior features that will surely reach production. That includes a familiar touchscreen, most likely a 7-inch unit, while a larger display will be optional.

Moreover, the newest infotainment system will become available, along with numerous driver-assistance aids and the latest phone integrations. Unlike Escape crossover, Ranchero pickup will offer different wood trims and possibly different upholstery. As we said, Ranchero will offer crew cab setup so there will be room for five passengers.

2022 Ford Ranchero interior

Possible Engine Lineup

This is another category that is hard to predict. Ford has a wider range of powertrain options, and most of them are a perfect fit for the 2022 Ford Ranchero. A 1.5-liter EcoBoost turbo or the larger 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo variants are the most likely outcomes in our opinion. Interestingly, a 2.3-liter turbo engine powers the Focus RS model, so it is another possibility.

Blue Oval manufacturer will surely offer some sort of high-performance variant such as Raptor. A diesel engine is a possibility too, as it will deliver better torque and fuel efficiency. As for the hybrid powertrain, we think it won’t happen in the next two years.

2022 Ford Ranchero engine

2022 Ford Ranchero Release Date and Price

The brand-new 2022 Ford Ranchero will cost around $20,000 or even slightly below that. The idea is to offer an affordable pickup truck and to give buyers more options. Ford is yet to release further details, including engine lineup, design, and possible special editions. This truck will hit the dealerships in Brazil and possibly the United States, at some point in 2021.

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