2022 Bollinger B2 electric

2022 Bollinger B2 Ready For the Battle of Electric Trucks

The all-new 2022 Bollinger B2 is coming to the markets later this year. When Bollinger Motors was founded seven years ago, they were basically a startup. Now, this brand is about to introduce its B1 electric SUV and B2 electric truck. So far, Bollinger has revealed many details and we think the B2 truck will be a huge success. However, the B2 model is not for everyone.

It comes with a very unusual design and even the interior is far from attractive. Still, it is a unique pickup truck with an all-electric powertrain and great capabilities. The segment is very strong, although we are waiting for other brands to release their models. Without further ado, this is everything you need to know about the upcoming Bollinger B2 model.

Power, Charging, Driving Range

This new electric pickup truck will arrive with the 142 kWh battery pack and it will deliver over 200 miles of driving range. The 2022 Bollinger B2 can be charged in ten hours. However, fast-charging is available, so you can charge this truck in one hour or slightly above that. On the other hand, reliable reports are predicting lower figures than Bollinger promised. According to the manufacturer, its B2 truck will offer a dual-motor setup that generates 614 hp and 668 lb-ft of torque.

The newest reports are saying that this model will produce less than that, significantly. Only time will tell what is the truth, but Bollinger B2 will surely represent a potent and capable truck in the segment. This model will provide a variable hydropneumatic suspension and it is the first electric truck to offer dual-rear-wheel (DRW) variant.

2022 Bollinger B2 range

B2 Truck Comes With Strange Design

The forthcoming 2022 Bollinger B2 is an electric truck that comes with a very strange exterior design. It looks like the vehicle from WW2, rather than the modern pickup truck. We can’t say the B2 model looks handsome and exciting. Instead, this model looks boring and odd. Its boxy shape is far from impressive, but 15 inches of ground clearance are suggesting a very off-road capable truck.

The rugged exterior design didn’t surprise us at all. However, the B2 pickup truck will wear additional aluminum materials. Thanks to that, the truck comes with great durability and aluminum will reduce its overall weight. The B2 model is 207 inches long and it comes with the 139 inches long wheelbase.

2022 Bollinger B2 price

Interior Features

We think the interior of the 2022 Bollinger B2 is innovative, but not in terms of technology. You won’t find brand-new high-tech features or anything similar. However, the B2 electric truck offers a very practical interior with plenty of smart features. For an instance, the rear cabin wall flips down and the rear window flips up. Removing the windshield, doors, roof, and seats is very easy.

The manufacturer will offer optional heated seats and a couple of premium features. On the other hand, 110V outlets, Bluetooth, cloth upholstery, and similar features will be standard. Interestingly, but Bollinger also offers optional leather and vegan leather upholsteries. The cabin space is generous and the manufacturer will provide an impressive list of standard and optional features.

2022 Bollinger B2 interior

2022 Bollinger B2 Release Date, Price

The 2022 Bollinger B2 will reportedly cost around $60,000. The first reports predicted a price of $125,000 which is insane. Instead of competing with rivals such as GMC Hummer EV or Tesla Cybertruck, Bollinger B2 will most likely compete with less popular models such as Nikola Badger or Lordstown Endurance. This model will be launched by the end of 2021.

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