2021 Renault Alaskan price

2021 Renault Alaskan: Changes and Price

The upcoming 2021 Renault Alaskan will arrive with further upgrades. The approaching pickup truck is very similar to the Nissan Navara pickup. Whatsoever, the two models are sharing the same underpinnings. Alaskan comes with a five-link rear suspension, and it uses the same engine as the Navara model. Some reports are strongly suggesting a new powertrain option.

It could be one of the engines that is available in the new Mercedes X-Class. However, this is not confirmed yet. Alaskan will get improvements in almost every category, which is great. Renault will launch its new model in Europe and South America by the end of the year.

2021 Alaskan Gets Mid-Cycle Facelift

The forthcoming 2021 Renault Alaskan will get a facelift. It is a pickup truck made by Renault-Nissan, so we expect a lot of styling cues to be taken from the Nissan Navara. As we said, the two models are using the same architecture and similar mechanics. Alaskan looks modern, and it wears Renault’s latest design language.

However, we can’t say that this model looks unique and innovative. Still, the 2021 Alaskan will get a new grille and bolder bumpers at both ends. Renault’s logo now sits in the middle of the grille, and the grille will get more chrome trims. The rear end sports an unusual layout, you either like it or not. The latest updates will surely provide a more upscale appearance, but 17-inch wheels will remain standard.

2021 Renault Alaskan redesign

Interior Improvements

On the inside, the new 2021 Renault Alaskan won’t change drastically. Instead, the French manufacturer will deliver mid-cycle updates. For a start, the updated infotainment system is finally available. Moreover, Alaskan will get a couple of interesting high-tech amenities. The cabin is similar to the interior of the Navara pickup, and even the layout is similar. Alaskan will remain as practical and roomy as before.

However, the 2021 Alaskan gets more standard equipment and new driver-assistance aids. Thanks to that, safety ratings are improved. On the other hand, some cheap plastic materials are still present. The interior is still loud at higher speeds, and only upper trim levels can fight with that. Speaking of which, Alaskan’s trim levels shouldn’t change at all.

2021 Renault Alaskan interior

Alaskan Offers Two Different Outputs

The upcoming 2021 Renault Alaskan offers only one engine option. However, its 2.3-liter dCi engine is available in two outputs. Renault promised stronger performance for both variants. Standard output is capable of producing 160 hp and 297 lb-ft of torque. As for the optional output, it can generate 190 horsepower and up to 332 lb-ft of torque.

You can find the same engine in the Nissan Navara and Mercedes X-Class pickup trucks. The engine comes with a six-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, Renault will offer a seven-speed automatic gearbox as well. Alaskan will arrive with new disc brakes, and it will once again deploy a five-link rear suspension.

2021 Renault Alaskan engine

2021 Renault Alaskan Price and Release Date

In terms of price, the new 2021 Renault Alaskan should remain intact. That means you can get a new model for around $32,000. We still think that the Navara is a far better option, but Alaskan will surely continue with the improvements in the future. The French automaker will release its new pickup truck by the end of 2020.

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