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2021 Ram Electric Pickup Truck In The Works?

The brand-new 2021 Ram Electric Pickup Truck makes perfect sense. However, the reality seems to be different. Various reports are delivering mixed stories. Some stories are convinced that this model will happen, but some others are writing about it as a “less likely outcome.” It is an interesting topic and only the time will tell if the FCA is willing to offer electrified pickup truck.

Indeed, the entire world is going toward electric models. That includes Ford, GM, Tesla and Rivian. However, the FCA is still quiet about its all-electric plans. Hybrids are different stories, and Ram will surely introduce some sort of hybrid in the near future. But, what about Ram Electric Pickup Truck?

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Ram Electric Pickup Truck – Will It Happen?

The 2021 Ram Electric Pickup Truck, will it happen? The answer is yes, however, no one knows when. Interestingly, some reports are suggesting an electric truck. Whatsoever, FCA CEO said the company is thinking about this possibility for some time. Moreover, he said the brand never spoke about it, not because they feel the market is nonexistent.

Instead, Ram is taking a different approach with timing and adoption to the North American markets. Lastly, FCA CEO added the company is “very committed” to its electrification strategy. Logically, as a pickup truck division, Ram will surely create an electric pickup truck in the coming years. However, we don’t expect for that to happen in the next 24 months.

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If It Happens, What to Expect From 2021 Ram Electric Pickup Truck?

 It is hard to tell what 2021 Ram Electric Pickup Truck can offer. Surely, FCA can’t make a mistake with this one. The competition is strong, and it will become even tougher. Ram is rivalling Ford for years now, and both brands are offering astonishing pickup trucks. With that in mind, Ram will surely try to outperform Ford and its upcoming all-electric pickup truck.

However, Ram still didn’t offer a single all-electric vehicle. The closest model that FCA has to offer is the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid. However, this model is yet to be released. Some reports are saying that the FCA will release concept by the end of this year. After that, we will know much closer details about the new all-electric pickup truck.


Of course, when the 2021 Ram Electric Pickup Truck comes out, Rivian and Tesla will be there. But Ram is always competing with the likes of Chevrolet and Ford. Both carmakers will offer all-electric pickup trucks in the near future. Chevrolet is working on a prototype that will reportedly deliver almost 400 miles of driving range. It could be a model that will become a part of the Silverado family.

2021 Ram Electric Pickup Truck competition

The 2022 GMC Hummer is also in the works. As for the Ford, F-150 all-electric is almost here. We’ve seen everything from the commercial to some leaked photos and details. However, exact specs of the Ford F-150 All-Electric are not available yet. Ram will have to deliver a lot of positive things in order to match Ford’s newest model.

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