2021 Mitsubishi Triton - Will It Be Available In The US

2021 Mitsubishi Triton – Will It Be Available In The US?

Although it comes in many names and monikers, the Mitsubishi’s pickup truck is most often dubbed as Triton or L200. This model records a rise in popularity outside the States during recent years. So, the potential comeback of the pickup could only benefit the Japanese automaker. Therefore, the 2021 Mitsubishi Triton might be the first model that will go into the production, after almost 25 years. However, it won’t be the only model that returns after such a long hiatus.

Lately, we heard the rumors about the launching of a brand-new 2021 Jeep Gladiator as well. When the Mitshubishi’s truck finally came out, the primary audience will be the Australian market. Still, there’s a couple of serious competitors suck as already mentioned Gladiator, Ford Ranger, and Holden Colorado.

The company will include a new safety system, which will be, beside the available AWD, the highlights of the upcoming Triton. However, there’s a lot to be done. One of the things in which Mitsubishi must improve power and cabin comfort. The innovative 8-speed automatic gearbox might help in that process.


2021 Mitsubishi Triton Will Use New Transmission

Under 2021 Mitsubishi Triton will be a 2.4-liter turbodiesel powertrain. This mill is capable of producing 180 hp and 310 lb .ft of torque. Mitsubishi’s model delivers pretty much the same amount of power as the rest of the rivals. Moreover, the most significant update is adding a new 6-speed automatic transmission, instead of the old 5-speed manual.

The new gearbox shuts down the engine noise, thus provide a more pleasant ride. The Triton will include a start/stop system as well. This system will improve fuel efficiency and cut the emission at the same time. But, this feature might not be available for all markets. The company still needs to consider that topic.

Furthermore, the towing capacity is rated at 6,850 pounds. The Triton offers a rear-wheel-drive as standard, while the AWD comes as optional. Also, there’s a unique AWD system, the “shift-on-fly,” which increases stability and acceleration.

Exterior Design

Mitsubishi Triton is one of the best-selling trucks in Australia. Now, the Japanese automaker will try to redesign this iconic pickup and bring an updated version for the 2021 season. According to the reports, the front fascia will be heavily redesigned. Also, the ground clearance will be increased, so the truck will quickly move across larger obstacles.

As we can on the leaked photos, the whole exterior design is more aggressive. For example, you’ll notice that the side of the body and the tail went through serious refinement. But, the cabin will probably remain pretty much the same. That’s the first part of the vehicle, which will need improvement.


When Will 2021 Mitsubishi Triton Come To The United States?

The releases date of 2021 Mitsubishi Triton for the North American market is still unknown. Well, actually, at the moment there’s no official confirmation that the truck will be available in the States. However, strict regulations and investments are enormous obstacles for the Japanese company.

Of course, Mitsubishi has a desire to enter the most significant pickup market in the world. On the other hand, the rest of the globe will probably see the new Triton/L200 by the end of 2020. Still, if the announced facelift takes some time with the upgrades and refinements, the truck might be delayed for the second quarter of 2021. Triton will first be available on the Australian and Malay markets.

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