2021 GMC Syclone price

2021 GMC Syclone is a 750HP Truck and it Looks Amazing

The 2021 GMC Syclone is making a comeback. If you remember, Syclone was a high-performance pickup truck during the 90s. It used a turbocharged engine with 280 hp. Of course, this figure is far from impressive nowadays. However, the new Syclone is in the works and it will pack up to 750 horsepower. A powerful truck will offer impressive acceleration and a standard AWD system.

The price is far from affordable but if you want such an amazing beast, you just have to pay. Interestingly, this truck will be made by Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE). It is a company that revamps and re-tunes classic models. We know pretty much everything about arriving Syclone, so here it is.

2021 GMC Syclone design

2021 Syclone Delivers Sporty Design

New 2021 GMC Syclone is based on the latest Canyon pickup truck. It is available in an extended cab with a shorter bed. Moreover, Syclone is available in any factory color. Its styling looks like GMC Canyon on steroids. SVE made sure to deliver a muscular design that looks impressive and very sporty. Aerodynamics are amazing and this truck comes with a slightly lower ride height than Canyon. The rear section offers subtle side skirts that are also covering the frame.

The rear bumper is replaced with the body-colored covers. According to SVE, Syclone is far from a work truck and the focus is exclusively on the performance. For that reason, SVE made a truck that largely departs from the Canyon model. Lastly, this model comes with matte black finishes and exclusive 20-inch five-spoke wheels.

2021 GMC Syclone styling

Interior Improvements

As for the interior design, the new 2021 GMC Cyclone comes with an optional leather package. This package provides leather seats and leather inserts. All of the leather materials are available in two colors. However, SVE will deliver beautiful accents and stitching. Interestingly, but you can even spot a Syclone V8 supercharged logo on the front headrests.

We’d recommend black seats and all-weather floor mats. However, the cabin won’t largely depart from the interior of the GMC Canyon. Still, the cabin is practical and roomy. Moreover, the seats are wider and more comfortable.

Powerful Supercharged V8

The best part of the 2021 GMC Syclone is its incredible performance. This truck will use a 5.3-liter V8 that delivers 750 horsepower and up to 600 lb-ft of torque. What SVE did here is truly impressive. The company swapped for a V8 and supercharged it. This engine is around the same weight as the Canyon’s V6 powertrain.

Syclone won’t be a heavier model and that is a very important thing. SVE also provides an L83 aluminum block and a full-time AWD system. On top of that, you will get numerous handling modes, including new suspension, dampers, and tires. Speaking of which, Syclone will deploy Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

2021 GMC Syclone engine

2021 GMC Syclone Price and Release Date

The price of the upcoming GMC Syclone will start at around $80,000. However, loading optional packages such as Elevation will cost you an additional $37,000. That is more than the price of the Porsche 911. Still, Syclone looks amazing and it provides impressive performances. The sales will start by the end of the year. Unfortunately, SVE will deliver only 50 examples.

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