2021 Ford Ranchero exterior

2021 Ford Ranchero Ready for the Comeback

The comeback of the iconic Ranchero pickup truck could be on the cards. The latest reports are strongly suggesting the 2021 Ford Ranchero. The huge comeback of the famous model could happen at the beginning of the next year. Ford is giving up on its car lineup, including sedans and hatchbacks. Like every other manufacturer, the focus is on SUVs and pickup trucks.

The brand will introduce new Ranchero as a mix of different vehicles but its final form will surely be a pickup. Some experts are predicting for Ranchero to play an important role in the company’s future. However, nothing is official yet but here’s what we know so far about the possible Ranchero’s return.

2021 Ford Ranchero exterior

2021 Ford Ranchero New Exterior Design

Back in the days, Ranchero was a really famous nameplate. It was one of the most popular models in the 60s and 70s. Ranchero was a coupe/pickup with a very odd design. The time has changed and new 2021 Ford Ranchero will surely offer something completely new. This pickup will surely arrive as a unibody pickup truck. Blue Oval will offer a model in a pickup truck for but its styling will be more like a traditional coupe.

The 2021 Ranchero will deploy a CD6 platform that underpins new Explorer SUV. Moreover, it also underpins the famous Mustang muscle-car. Interestingly, but Ranchero will borrow some cues from the iconic Mustang model. Still, the body style will be different compared to the Ford Mustang. Ranchero will wear a company’s new design language and it will offer a single cab layout with a cargo bed.

2021 Ford Ranchero interior

Interior Design and Seating Capacity

A similar story continues inside the cabin. The upcoming 2021 Ford Ranchero will stick to its roots and it will offer a similar cabin. Of course, the interior will now look more modern and luxurious. However, a single row of seats is certain. It is the most likely scenario but some version could introduce a second row of seats.

That means Ranchero will offer a room for either three or five passengers. The dashboard design will be classic Ford’s and you should expect plenty of high-tech amenities. A vertically-oriented touchscreen is another likely outcome with a digital instrument cluster. Ford will offer at least three trim levels and possibly a single high-performance version.

Engine Rumors

The Blue Oval manufacturer will most likely provide an EcoBoost turbocharged engine. New 2021 Ford Ranchero will ride on a reliable 2.3-liter turbo-four with 300 horsepower. Moreover, bigger engines should be optional. The candidates are a 2.7-liter or a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Interestingly, Ford will offer its new 10-speed automatic transmission.

A hybrid version is another rumor but it seems like that won’t happen in 2021. On the other hand, Ranchero Hybrid could go on sale in 2022. We are still waiting for Ford to release the first details about the possible comeback of this famous coupe/pickup truck.

2021 Ford Ranchero redesign

2021 Ford Ranchero Price and Release Date

Once it arrives, a new 2021 Ford Ranchero will start at about $30,000. This model will arrive in numerous trim levels, you expect for the range-topping trim to cost around $50,000. Ranchero was a very popular nameplate in South Africa, Australia, and the United States. Its biggest competitor was Chevy El Camino that will also make a comeback in the near future. We hope to see a brand-new Ranchero in one-year time.

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  1. i could believe 300 at 7000 with atkinson .. i wish the atkinson cam was variable. because honestly you have to rev the engine to 3 in first to feel like you have normal low end power. please make a variable cam. the fixed cam was supozed to be temporary while the variable can was being developed

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