2021 BMW Pickup Truck release date

2021 BMW Pickup Truck – Will It Happen?

The forthcoming 2021 BMW Pickup Truck could happen after all. The German automaker is making big moves recently, and its first pickup truck is more than probable. Everything you read about the new BMW pickup is a rumor, and nothing is official yet. However, this model makes perfect sense. We are particularly interested in the latest rumors that are strongly suggesting a new truck at some point next year.

No words from BMW yet, but the manufacturer could release some details in the near future. Most likely, BMW Pickup Truck will arrive with a V6 engine, and if the manufacturer opts for a high-performance variant, V8 is more than a possible outcome. Many carmakers are entering the pickup truck segment, and BMW is no different. The question is when.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck styling

BMW Pickup Truck – You Can’t Deny Luxury

When it comes to luxury, BMW is one of the leaders in the crossover and SUV segment. We are sure that the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will follow the same path. The brand is known for its high-end interior design with plenty of technology on the inside. Comfort is also great, and every BMW is more than a reliable model. As with any other SUV, BMW will target American shores once again. For that reason, there is no room for mistake.

Americans are willing to pay over $40k for a good pickup truck. However, it is a big question if BMW is capable of delivering a luxury pickup truck that starts below $50,000. We have no doubts, BMW Pickup will arrive with plenty of technology, a lot of power, and more than good safety ratings. However, we are still waiting for an official statement.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck interior

Possible Engine Options For The 2021 BMW Pickup Truck

There are a couple of interesting engine options for the brand-new 2021 BMW Pickup Truck. The most likely outcome is a 3.0-liter inline-six engine with a twin-turbo setup. This engine produces 335 horsepower in some of the BMW’s SUVs. However, the pickup truck will probably arrive with slightly less power. Another possibility is a standard four-cylinder, while the V6 will be offered as optional powertrain. BMW usually offers turbocharged engines with the standard rear-wheel-drive system.

Handling is superb, and generally, the ride quality is fantastic. Many fans are questioning the V8 engine and its availability in the BMW Truck. In our opinion, V8 powertrain is possible if BMW opts for a high-performance version that will produce up to 450 horsepower. That will surely improve the towing capacity and the performances overall. Hybrid or all-electric variants will not happen in the coming years for sure.

What About Design?

We don’t expect many surprises in terms of exterior design. The 2021 BMW Pickup Truck won’t depart from the brand’s lineup of SUVs in terms of aesthetics. BMW X7 SUV is perhaps the finest example of what to expect from a pickup variant. The German automaker will surely deliver more than competitive styling, and its new pickup truck will look luxurious.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck design

A platform is another interesting question. So far, BMW didn’t offer a body-on-frame structure. That brings us to a unibody architecture. If not, BMW could joint venture with some other manufacturer in order to develop a body-on-frame truck. There are so many possibilities and no words from BMW. Hopefully, the carmaker will make a statement in the coming months.

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